Paterson column was an inspiring read

Editor, The Record:

Re: Other doors do open, July 28 edition.

What a splendid column. Sorry to hear of your fall, hope you are feeling better and back to normal. You are a positive, charming, humorous person and have blessed our community with your paintings, writing, and poetry reading.

Your dedication and fighting spirit does not stop there, you have given positive suggestions and criticism to help improve our community. I have had the chance to read your book, “Willy and I,” and it was a hoot! I recommend your book to all.

Your personnel commitment and love for Willy was always seen as you walked with him while he got his daily exercise. I remember when Willy used to ride an old fashioned bike up and down Hurd Street, and you telling me how Willy’s passion and understanding of recycling started when he was very young and even way before the science world started talking about global warming and carbon footprints.

Ken Selvaraja