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Please pick up after your dogs

Too many people abdicating their responsibility as dog owners

Editor, The Record:

I am concerned about the number of vehicles which bring one to five dogs to the Heritage Park and Grotto area daily. Some of these dogs are taken off their leashes and allowed to run free.

Persons who are bringing not only one or two, but up to five dogs to the area should be made responsible for cleaning up after their animals and assuring they remain within their designated trail area.

I personally have yet to see even one of the dog owners carrying a bag, although I am certain there are some responsible people who do clean up. As for the rest, I must assume that their animal's droppings are left where they fall.

I have recently observed that there were no less than 10 and perhaps more dogs which were wandering in the direction of the Blackberry Restaurant, and for the most part, are allowed to run free. There are at least 100 or more dogs that normally come to the park on a daily basis.

I have been advised that there are dog feces all over the grounds, and I am certain this is not a pleasant experience for those that are encountering this as they walk in the park.

Vehicles bringing these dogs park next to the Mews all along Seventh Avenue, and take up the majority of the parking spaces, some of which should be available to persons who come to visit residents of that large complex.

I would like to see resident parking only signs in this area, and also at least 14 visitor spots, and public parking when special events are taking place in the park.

The situation relating to our beautiful park needs to be revisited by the municipality, and bylaws changed to disallow dogs to come there before they totally destroy the property. I am certain there are many other areas in the district that would be more appropriate for this purpose.

Alexandria Slusarchuk Tomich