Random act of kindness lifts the spirit

Retrieval of animals from burned out apartment building inspiring

Editor, The Record:

We witnessed the fire on Friday morning. Through the heroic efforts of our fire department we have been told everyone got out safely, but wondered if some of the residents’ pets were not as fortunate.

On Sunday around 5 p.m. we saw an act of kindness that literally brought me to tears.

Engine 1 once again pulled up out front of the Willows, and two young men were pointing up to their apartment with sadness and concern. One of the firemen and a police officer got a ladder and went up to their balcony and entered their apartment. It was only about five minutes later that they came out with a kitty carrier with their cat in it.

To see the smiles on the tenants’ faces is something I will never forget.

They even went back up a second time to retrieve two bags of cat food. Another 10 minutes later the firefighter came out again with another cat.

I would like to thank our police officers and fire department for their hard work and once again say how much one random act of kindness can change two peoples’ lives from grief and sadness to relief and happiness.

Sharon Koochin