Seniors must vote for those who value elders

Editor, The Record:

Curiosity often sparks questions and debates about why Mission council or an association’s elected board, approaching a crossroads, too often takes the wrong path.

Examples of poor judgment and decisions have appeared in local papers, most recently the PSIT debacle and lawsuit. The lack of progress in the visual arts, animal relations and seniors facilities herald a long list of council neglect.

While reasons abound, from the ridiculous to the sublime, local seniors are too complacent.

The building on Taulbut Street has been paid for by seniors from a lifetime of property taxes, and council has failed to realize this contribution by not designating it a seniors’ activity centre.

I’m curious why there is such a lack of respect. It is council’s responsibility to address and provide remedy to seniors’ needs, and that will only come by making this building a seniors’ use only site.

Seniors are a time-sensitive community asset. These citizens, who through taxes and a lifetime of volunteering are in their time of need, have been shunned by council.

Sadly, as well, inept seniors’ leaders have become the apologists for council inaction, and by extension enablers, to perpetuate this perceived indifference and lack of empathy toward seniors’ needs.

Seniors need to heed the rallying call of the Elder Citizen Action Coalition (visit and click the Contents section for details). A seniors renaissance must merge into one strong united voice that on election day Nov. 19 seniors en-masse will casts votes for candidates who actually care about seniors.

A longer term venture to build a multi-use housing complex with below/above ground parkades, and a ground level 15,000-20,000 sq. ft. seniors activity centre on district-owned land adjacent the Leisure Centre, should be the three- to five-year priority

George F. Evens