Some things don’t need to run like a business

Government was never meant to make a profit but to help the people

Editor, The Record:

I hope recent events like the scandalous lack of help to our cherished veterans from the Tories has put perspective right in front of Canadians eyes.

Ever since the late 1970s, the public has been fed this notion that socialism is preventing you from achieving the so-called American dream, and many great strides have been undertaken to stop these “bleeding heart” socialistic ideas.

It’s also at that time that we started hearing the “everything should be run like a business” mantra from the extreme right; an idiotic notion that is still commonly heard today and demonstrates the lack of thought put forward by those chanting it.

Yet, when we hear of the government cutting pensions to the veterans, people are outraged. Why? Isn’t this what we’ve been clamouring for? Government to run like a cost-saving business? The economy is the only thing that matters, no?

Truth is that government was never meant to make a profit; it’s meant to take care of things that shouldn’t need to make a profit, for the people.

Our veterans are part of this and the fact that we are having this argument shows how low we have sunk following this right-wing rhetoric. We’ve chosen bottom line over humanity, and voted in a government who believes in that too.

It’s high time for Canadians to get off their duffs and get involved in politics because our lifestyle is worth more than the next quarterly profit margins.

Kevin Francis