Start attending council meetings and learn how money is spent

Editor, The Record:

In order to bring our district’s finances under control we must become more responsible and effective with the resources presently in place.

How do we do that?

If the district would be more willing to receive input from taxpayers and consider implementing the suggestions, grave errors could be reduced and taxpayer money, as well as council’s reputation, could be saved.

The Public Safety Inspection Team (PSIT) is a further addition to the unnecessary empire building. The PSIT does little to nothing about public safety. It should never have been created and needs to be abolished as a Crime Prevention Office is already in place and should do the job.

Furthermore, we do not need an additional RCMP officer in this community and could save money by firing one such as the constable who responded to a fatal shots-fired call and behaved unprofessionally while chuckling with 911 dispatchers.

I recommend the citizens of Mission, get more involved in our community by visiting council meetings. Get informed, learn where your tax dollars are being spent and prepare for this year’s municipal election. All together we can and must do better.

Othmar Kagi