Strong group needed in municipal hall

Hard decisions required in this three-year term by new council

Editor, The Record:

Re: Political landscape has been changed in Mission, Nov. 24 edition.

In general, I agree.

However, what Mr. Wiens is missing is the fact that the last council marched to the beat of their own drum with Mr. Atebe being the drum master. Look at what that got us with only one lonely voice in the form of Ms. Stevens in opposition when she could. The others just followed in step.

I voted for the CRMG slate. We need a regimented group in power for the next three years to get done what needs to be done. There is no other way to phrase it other than there is a mess  for them to clean up.

Once that is done, then yes Mr. Wiens, I totally agree with you, then we can bring in alternatives and differing opinions at which time discussion in council could once again flourish resulting in alternative solutions.

Congratulations to Ted, Jenny, Tony, Larry, Jeff, Nelson, and Dave on your win and getting the vote out. You all know what you have to do, now don’t let Mission down, get it done. Your constituents are counting on you.

On behalf of all the neighbours of the municipality, James, Heather, Paul, Terry, Danny, and Mike, thank you for your past public service over the last few years. Good luck in your new endeavours.

Going forward, I firmly believe there should be a mix on the elected municipal level, not only in gender but in generation as well. No one should hold an elected position more than two terms.

Finally, let the newbies settle in as they have a huge learning curve ahead of them — this is politics, not business, but they all have their own different skills to adapt to the new process. Give them time and give them a chance to show their leadership.

Ron Wilkes