Thanks raceway, for hospitality

Pleasant View Care Home residents treated to day at the races

Editor, The Record:

I have the pleasure of spending my days with the residents of Pleasant View Care Home in Mission. I am writing to express my gratitude on behalf of the residents of Pleasant View Care Home to the staff of Mission Raceway Park, and to all the people who made our two bus outings there successful.

We have a large number of gentlemen in our facility and we recently decided it would be a great idea to go to Mission Raceway with them. The raceway was happy to have us out, no charge.

We attended a test and tune in June. We were treated with such service; escorted to our location in the pit area and latecomers were guided to us as well. Our gentlemen had an opportunity to view many of the cars that were to be racing that day. Drivers and owners alike were so accepting; answering our questions and letting us take pictures with their beautiful race cars. Thank you.

The residents had such a great time that upon our return to Pleasant View, they requested nonstop to have another outing to the track. So on July 27 we headed there again. The Langley Loafers BC Old Time Drags were in town and the residents recognize many of the vehicles from their early years. Being a large event I was not expecting the same gracious treatment as we’d had before. However, Mission Raceway once again was amazing.

There was a space reserved for us and when the sun started beating down  the Langley Loafers kindly let us use their tent. We ordered hot dogs from the concession and staff delivered the dogs, including condiments, directly to us.

We were approached numerous times by spectators asking us where we were from. Some said if they ever needed to move to a facility they would want it to be Pleasant View because we bring our residents to the races.

It was a great day. These experiences fill me with joy and make me proud to work and live in Mission.

Spring Billard

Recreation Facilitator

Pleasant View Care Home