Time to hold inquest

Editor, The Record:Re: Former Mission Mountie lost one day’s payNever let it be said that the RCMP don’t know how to discipline their members. Sorry, that should read reprimand.

Wow, one day’s pay and a letter. One would hope that Const./Cpl. White has by now recovered from this “significant punishment.”

Whatever happened to the police motto of “to serve and protect?” I guess in this case you could add “only if we have to get out of our car.”

RCMP apologist Insp. Tim Shields says that this “has been devastating to us” and that the RCMP “will learn from this.”

Nowhere in his media briefing did I hear any reference to the victims and how tragically devastating it is for them. One wonders if anyone, and in particular Const./Cpl. White, have ever expressed any kind of sensitivity or apologized to the victims’ families.

Once again it appears to be the classic butt-covering approach. It is now almost three years since this tragic incident and the coroners inquest is not anywhere on the horizon. Get going and hold the inquest.

J. PrattMission