Time will tell story of MLA’s performance

Editor, The Record:

How curious that with the Done With Dalton recall campaign voluntarily discontinued in order that the efforts of those involved be focused on the upcoming HST referendum, MLA Marc Dalton has suddenly decided to hold meetings with some concerned citizens in the riding.

Dalton offered to sit with citizens April 11 at a Mission restaurant to discuss issues and concerns.

To my knowledge, this is the first time Marc Dalton has put out such invitations.

Could it be that he has suddenly realized that he has not been doing the job he was elected to do? Could it be that he has come to the realization that being a loyal Liberal back-bencher will not keep him in office?

Everyone has heard the saying, “No dog can serve two masters.” It is unfortunate that this is precisely the dilemma faced by all MLAs and MPs in Canada.

It is how each individual member rises to the challenge of balancing the agendas of their political party and those of their constituents that keeps them in office.

Unfortunately, Dalton has heretofore chosen to side 100 per cent with his party, ignoring the stated wishes of his constituents. How do I know that? When I met with him in Randy Hawes’ office in Mission shortly after he was elected, he told me he would do as his party demanded. Thus far, I have seen no evidence to suggest that he has reconsidered that position — until now.

Does anyone think that, knowing the response to the petition from those canvassed was strongly in favour of his recall, he feels a bit uncertain with regard to his political future? As one of the canvassers, I can honestly state that from my own small sample, 83 per cent of those canvassed signed the petition in support of recall.

Was I in attendance? No, I was not. I did not receive the invitation directly, though Dalton certainly knows me and how I feel about his performance (or lack of it). In other words, I was not invited.

Will there be other such opportunities? Perhaps time will tell.

Will Marc Dalton start taking forward the opinions of his constituents to the Legislature? Time will tell.

Chris Ryan


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