Uniforms would lessen student distraction

School system status quo not working in best interests of students or society

Editor, The Record:

Re: Teacher already employs ‘traditional’ ideals in classroom, Dec. 6 edition.

I doubt Michael Ross really understands what a traditional school concept is if he thinks he’s already teaching in such a school given his letter.

While Mr. Ross used most of his letter being hung up on the wearing of uniforms that are only a small part of a traditional school, I wouldn’t be surprised if his colleagues were of like mind with him as it would only surprise me if a BCTF member were to think outside the box.

Uniforms would lessen the distractions from both sexes trying their best to draw attention to themselves like peacocks. Uniforms would also be important in deflating the manic craze of telling kids that they are so special when they really aren’t. If every kid is special, then no one is. Oh, they may be the apple of their parents’ eyes but that’s about it. Teaching them not to be so full of themselves can start with uniforms.

Students are in school to learn, so teaching them to be nice, polite, and tidy is important. But that’s not enough in today’s world. That does not excuse those students being passed through the elementary grades with dismal achievements in basic literacy which is an issue Mr. Ross conveniently forgot to touch on.

Traditional schools would bring back the emphasis on results through higher expectations on performance. Not this feel-good, dumbed-down system that rewards mediocrity. A traditional secular school would take the best of the current public school system but also bring in the best of the private school system. The only caveat I would have is that any such traditional school in Mission not be religiously based.

Mr. Ross certainly is entitled to his somewhat defensive position, that he and his fellow teachers already work in a traditional school in all but uniforms, but his arguments don’t hold much merit with me. Let’s stop preaching to the converted in the BCTF and get real. Because I’m here to say that as a taxpayer I’m seeing my school taxes wasted on mediocrity.

It is time to give actual traditional schools a chance to provide students with a work ethic, discipline, and a realistic sense of self-respect. The status quo isn’t working in the best interests of either the students or society’s expectations. I totally support a public school system. It’s too bad the BCTF doesn’t feel the same way except for a source for getting steady paycheques.

Robert T. Rock