Karate: Kumite competitions heat up the Karate BC Games

Pitt Meadows gym fills with cheers for zone athletes

Jacob Marcelic of Zone 6

Jacob Marcelic of Zone 6

Ashley Mussbacher


The gymnasium filled with cheers Saturday afternoon from the audience for their zone athletes in the kumite portion of karate competition in the BC Winter Games at Pitt Meadows Family Recreational Center.

As athletes compete for spots in the finals, the medic team sitting at the side of the gym is seeing more action than the morning. However, injuries aside, spirits are still high and even though competition is rough, athlete Jacob Marcelic from Fernando Correia School of Karate says he tried his best.

“My biggest challenge to overcome is being able to counter when an opponent kicks at me,” he says. “I always run backward when I should be stepping in to counter with a punch.”