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Jessy Brown wins silver

Deroche’s Jessy Brown won a silver at the Commonwealth Youth Games, held on the Isle of Man last week.

Brown’s first bout was against Guyana’s Benjamin Henry. Brown won this fight by TKO in the first round, said coach Dale Gatin. His second fight pitted the pugilist against Obedy Mutapa from Zambia. Brown was very aggressive in this fight, throwing a lot of punches, kept together with a good defense. He earned the win with a lopsided 19-7 score.

The bantam weight gold medal fight saw Brown face England’s Qais Ashfaq.

“This fight was a challenge for Jessy,” said Gatin, because Ashfaq is a southpaw and Brown has little experience fighting against those types of opponents.

Brown put in his best effort, but was outskilled.

“He did very well against a talented group of boxers. Jessy is the number one youth contender in the Commonwealth in the bantam weight division,” said Gatin.

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